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17 before 2017

17 before 2017 is an idea I got from Kara over at Boho Berry (, she did a 16 before 2016 in 2015, so in October 2016, I decided to try out a 17 before 2017. Now if you have been researching bullet journaling, I’m sure you have heard of Kara, she is the bullet journal queen. Lots of people, including me get a huge amount of inspiration from her. If you haven’t already, go and check her out.

Anyway, 17 before ’17 is basically a method of trying to finish off the year really strongly. Lots of people start the year with resolutions, goals, and aims, but by the end of the year are just attempting to get through the rest of the year. Actually, at this point, there is so much potential left. So, what you do is make a list of 17 things that you want to achieve in the remainder of the year to try and keep their goals in mind. Alternatively, you could do a list of things before your next birthday. I turn 23 in April, so I could do ‘23 things before 23’, though people more commonly do this for milestone birthdays, but it wouldn’t need to be. You could even completely mix it up and just make up your own list by your own random date.

I’m not going to silver plate it, I didn’t do fantastically with my list – but it did keep things I wanted to do at the forefront of my mind, which was especially helpful when making my 2017 goals. Part of the reason I didn’t is because I achieved about 10 other things in those few months, including renovating two major rooms in our house – so my 17 before 2017 took a back seat. However, I am super glad I tried, because I did achieve things I wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Firstly, here is my tracker from my bullet journal:


Now, without further ado, here are my 17 things before 2017, with some explanation where necessary and how I got on with them.

  1. Finish both current crochet projects.

When I made my list, I was making a baby granny square blanket, and a tartan blanket. After that, I was commissioned to make a star baby blanket for a Christmas present, so I did finish two crochet projects, just not the two I intended!

  1. Start a healthy cookbook.

I wanted to try and be healthier, something I was doing until the beginning of November; then I went on holiday and then I was like, well it’s nearly Christmas. I have since started being healthy again!

Lots of the recipes I use are online or I alter because I’m vegetarian, so I want somewhere where I have the recipes I actually use. I have a notebook, I have recipes, I just have to put the two together and actually start it, which I haven’t yet got around to.

  1. Finish reading challenge. [Done]

I set a goal this January to read 12 books in 2016, which doesn’t sound like very much, but I was in the middle of my finals year of medical school (my medical school is weird and do their written finals in fourth year), so I didn’t want this to be too ambitious. I am happy to say I beat this and actually read 17 books in 2016!

  1. Make two things on my sewing machine.

I made my Halloween costume, and my sister a fox cushion for Christmas. The more impressive thing was that both of these were without patterns and just from ideas in my head.

  1. Finish Ranger leadership.

This is the leadership module for Girlguiding’s 14-26-year-old section.

I didn’t make much progress with this at all.

  1. Sew 100 badges on my camp blanket.

I managed an impressive 60.

  1. Book a cake decorating course. [Done]

Done, and completed the course (and have another one booked for later in January!)

  1. Make amazing macaroons. [Done]

I managed this, just before Christmas. They were chocolate and raspberry and I loved them.

  1. Set up an etsy shop.

This is to sell crocheted things, hand-lettering, and felt things that I make, mostly to raise money for a trip I am taking Rangers (girl guides) on next summer. However, I made absolutely no progress on this so it is now one of my goals for 2017.

  1. Catch up with “Once Upon a Time” [Done]

I started watching this TV show in 2016, and absolutely love it, but I often neglect TV time to do other things, which is why this is on this list.

  1. Read 10 Cosmopolitan magazines.

I have a stack of about three years worth, so I really want to work on reducing the pile. I only managed three. Whoops.

  1. Try an exercise class.

Again, I want to be more healthy. I’ve not tried an exercise class before so I thought this might be a fun way to try and do so, but I didn’t manage to do so, maybe I’ll do this at some point this year. We shall see.

  1. Have a manicure. [Done]

I’d never had one in my life so really wanted to do this, because I adore having my nails painted but never make the time for it. I made an appointment and it got cancelled, but then I discovered the lady that cuts my hair does nails too, so I had them done for a ball I went to!

  1. Dye under-hair blue.

As I’m not at university or working at the minute, I am allowed to have wacky coloured hair so I fully want to take advantage. I tried to do this, but it didn’t come out blue (it was meant to be blue-black but came out completely black), so I still need to do this.

  1. Finish sorting my bedroom.

I’m having a complete clear out, I have one large shelf left and then some draws that need sorting.

  1. Learn billiards and snooker rules.

I own a pool table, yet I only know the rules for pool (I vaguely know both, but want to learn them properly). Again, this just took a back seat against other things.

  1. Have the house ready for Christmas before Christmas eve!

This has still not happened in my lifetime. To be fair this year, we had our carpet fitted on the 20th, furniture delivered on the 21st, and then were bag packing on the 22nd and 23rd to raise money for guides, so it’s not really a surprise it didn’t happen.


As you can tell, I didn’t progress brilliantly on my list, but that’s okay. The aim for me was not necessarily to finish this list, but to finish the year strong, and all in all I really feel like I did, and like can walk with my head held high about what I achieved in 2016.


Thanks for reading, keep smiling. Until next time, bye!




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