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Hello there!

My name is Kayleigh* and I am a twenty-two year old, fourth year (ish) medical student in the United Kingdom. I plan my life using a bullet journal, and I consider myself a spoonie (more on this later).

I have decided to start this blog for several reasons. The first is because I have wanted to for a while – I want to share my experiences, in the hope that they can one day help other people. The second is because I really love bullet journaling and I want to share my ideas and my inperfectly perfect bullet journal with the world. The aim of this is to write about my life, and my bullet journal, and anything else I happen to want to share (e.g. book reviews, recipes).

‘What is a spoonie?’ I hear you ask, well if you have not read the spoon theory I highly recommend it to everyone (available at: But basically, it’s the theory that states that someone with a chronic illness (in my case chronic depression and anxiety, with acid reflux and chronic pain in my shoulder) does not have the energy (or spoons) to do the things that the average person does, so that they run out of spoons to do things, and must make conscious decisions on how to use their spoons. My chronic depression means my energy is very low and unpredictable, so that is the main reason I consider myself a spoonie. Some may not think that my mental health conditions make me a spoonie, but through this blog I do hope to explain why that is.

There is a disclaimer I would like to put out there before I properly start: I can’t write for shit. Well maybe that’s not quite true, but I am not a skilled writer and so I wouldn’t expect any literary genius from my blog. I can’t even spell – I spell check lots of thing because I get so embarrassed about my spelling! Please stick with me, hopefully my writing will improve through these blog posts.

I’ve recently made two very close friends, one of them I have told a lot about my life and as I was telling Matt these stories, I realised that when I put my life together in a series of short stories it sounds like I’m making it up, or like my life is from some TV drama. I would like to state now that this blog will be as close to the truth as I can feasibly remember.

For my first blog post I am going to list fifty facts about myself (starting with those at the top of the page):

  1. I’m twenty-two years old.
  2. I’m a fourth year medical student (ish, I am actually on a gap year from university).
  3. My bullet journal is my life. They are shown in the picture, the green striped one was my bullet journal last year, and the blue one with the owls is my current one that I moved into at the beginning of January.
  4. I’m pansexual.
  5. I’m currently single.
  6. I live with my parents, who are some of my favourite people in the world.
  7. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and this is the reason I am on a gap year from university.
  8. I take mirtazapine for the above problem.
  9. I have previously suffered from PTSD.
  10. I had cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for my PTSD.
  11. I am currently having CBT for my depression.
  12. I love cats.
  13. Not quite as much as I love Harry Potter, as it’s shocking that I’ve got to number 12 without mentioning it.
  14. I listen to Harry Potter to help me get to sleep.
  15. I have three teddy bears that I love – Florence who is a build a bear that I got quite young, Tiger who I got from my ex-boyfriend (who shockingly is a tiger), and pigeon-duck which my sister brought me.
  16. My sister is my favourite person in the world.
  17. I live for quotations.
  18. I’m a huge feminist – equality is the way forward.
  19. I currently am for the first time ever watching ‘Gilmore Girls’ and I love it.
  20. Scouting for girls is probably my favourite band.
  21. I have a signed version of ‘Still Thinking About You’, which is scouting for girls newest album.
  22. I love to make things – as in craft. I’m currently making felt foxes which I think are pretty adorable.
  23. I can crochet but cannot knit, I am currently crocheting a baby blanket which someone is paying me to do..
  24. I own a sewing machine but don’t use it enough.
  25. My best friend’s are Jaymes and Sophia. I would do anything in the world for them.
  26. I love scented candles.
  27. I play a lot of computer games.
  28. I’m currently playing World of Warcraft and Sims.
  29. I want to learn to play guitar.
  30. I am a very cold person, in that I’m always too cold, physically, not emotionally.
  31. I love my panda onesie. I hated onesies at first but now I nearly always wear one when I’m at home.
  32. I love musicals, my favourite are Les Miserables and Wicked.
  33. I wish my life was more like either Scrubs or House, both of which are great TV shows.
  34. Tumblr is one of the best websites.
  35. I really like baths.
  36. Reading cosmo is my guilty pleasure.
  37. I love Disney so much.
  38. I like pretty things.
  39. I failed the first two years of exams at university and had to take resit exams over summer.
  40. I’m vegetarian.
  41. I’m quite left wing, probably Green party left wing to be honest.
  42. I’m a guide leader, and help to run a unit.
  43. I’m planning on going to India in 2017 with my ranger unit.
  44. We had my old cat for 19 years, and I don’t think I could ever love a pet as much as I love(d) Velcro.
  45. We now have two new cats called Jess and Jack, who are rescues and can be the most nervous things ever.
  46. But Jess and Jack are my favourites, I love them so much.
  47. I have very strong pulses in my thumbs right now.
  48. I am a Hufflepuff, but I also have aspects of a Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.
  49. I spend way too much time on computers.
  50. I love to travel.

So there we have my first blog post. I hope you enjoyed it, and learnt a lot about me. I look forward to sharing parts of my life with you.

Thanks for reading, keep smiling. Until next time, bye!



*My name isn’t actually Kayleigh but I’m (hopefully) going to be a doctor, I have a unique name, and this is on the internet. So I have changed, and will continue to change all the names I use. If you’re interested, I used the website to randomly generate all the names.



I'm a bullet journal junkie.

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