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February plan with me

Welcome to the (slightly) late February plan with me. I was hoping to have this out before today, but as I predicted I might, my February set up was only finished yesterday – so what can you do! Here’s to getting March’s out before the beginning of March… Normally I would try and start these posts with a very brief review of the pages I used last month, however because my January one was so late, it had some of the reviews in it, but watch out for next months, when you’ll see how these pages went for me! So anyhow, without further ado:

My hello February page. So, this was not how I envisioned this page, well, it sort of is, but it was supposed to be without the washi. But guess what – I went wrong! The first time I wrote February I hated it, I missed part of the U and they Y, it was too bunched together and not central in the page. The welcome was also off centre; basically, it upset me when I looked at it. Thus, in true Kayleigh style, I found a way of loving it again. I covered the original February with two strips of washi and slightly curved the edges. I chose this washi because you can’t see through it, and it kind of fitted my colour scheme. I put an arrow next to the Welcome and rewrote February below. And behold, a page I can feel proud of:


Next up is my goals spread. Now, I’m trying a couple of new things with this. Firstly, I’ve taken it out of my monthly log. I felt as though my goals weren’t getting enough attention or weren’t as focal a point as they should be. So instead, I have dedicated a full page in my bullet journal to this, but when I wrote the title I really didn’t like it so I added washi down either side and it got a little better (are you seeing a theme here). I also chose to doodle and handletter my goals to make the page more interesting that just a list. I’m going to colour in the doodles when I’ve completed the goal. Normally my drawings are done using inspiration from the net, whereas I drew all these from my head, so I’m not as happy with them as I would like to be – but oh well! Also, spot the washi covering a mistake!!

My goals or this month are a mixture of ones that are towards my 2017 goals, and some random ones just for fun, or that I have decided I would like to do – January isn’t the only time to think about what you would like! One of these is blurred out because it’s a secret… You’ll be let in on said secret in about 9 months! Sorry!


Over the page is my monthly log. Whilst the general idea of this is exactly the same, I’ve decided to go for a completely different look. I’m not sure how I feel about it, so we shall see, I’m not sure if it will be obvious enough which day the events are on. This spread is basically everything for the month – It gets any birthdays, anniversaries, events, appointments, future to dos. It’s almost my lifeline for the month. Last month we had a vets appointment that we had completely forgotten about it, but the night before the appointment, I looked in my bullet journal the night before and spotted it so the cat got taken to the vet – thank goodness! It is remarkable how many things this makes me remember!


Following that I have my ‘Daily Tetris’. This is something I’ve seen in a few forms in various places, mostly as cleaning trackers, or a to do list. So, I have tweeked it to something that I will use. Basically, each of the pieces correspond to something I can do at least once a day, then at the end of the day, I get to play a little tetris! I’m hoping that this will encourage me to do these things as much as possible, because they are all things I want to do every day.


Similarly, on the opposite page, I would like to do all of these things every day! This is my habit tracker. I’ve significantly reduced the things on here to the things I really really want to do every day, which are, to get up and go to bed on time, to brush my teeth morning and night, fill in my silver linings page, post on Instagram, tidy the room I’ve been doing things in (15 min tidy) and eat healthily! This page is complete with a Walt Disney quote that I love – and obviously, an opportunity to practice some lettering! I really love how this looks.


The next double page spread is my spending. Following the success of my ‘No Spend January’ (only two unnecessary purchases), I have kept some elements of this, but without the pressure of trying to do an entire month. So, I have a small version of the calendar I did last month where I colour in the day if I don’t spend money, and I put a cross through if I spend money. The colour of the cross will correspond to the page on the right where I shall track all my spending, necessary and unnecessary. So, if it’s necessary, it will just be plain, but if it’s unnecessary, it will be coloured in. Again, as I’m trying to save money, I’m making a list of the things I didn’t buy but wanted to, so that I can later review whether I still want/need it or whether it was a fleeting desire (as they mostly are!)


Following that are my silver linings and memories pages, which are just titles at the moment, but this is where every day, I come and write down five things that were good about the day – this makes sure I concentrate on being positive and makes sure I find something good in every day. Then on the fourth page, I have a memories page, which I basically fill up with things I want to remember that happened that month, but this also gives me an opportunity to practice my hand-lettering – which I always love, and I always really love how these pages look when they are full! When I have finished filling in my January memories, I’ll be sure to show you all!

Next up, is a new spread in my bullet journal, but something I have used before. I have recently finished a course of CBT and this spread is based on a worksheet I had from that. It is basically a way of writing down, and collective evidence that you have positive personal qualities. Here is how the sheet described it:

“Keep a daily log of activities which suggest or confirm your personal positive qualities (personality traits, characteristics, strengths), or times when you’ve shown or felt a personal positive quality. Write them down! It’s easy to dismiss or minimise positives, as we tend to filter out the positives and only notice the negatives. Notice that your mind does that, then write what actually happened.”

This was something I found really helpful for my self-esteem, so I am now trying to continue with it, but to make sure I practice it every day, I’ve put it in my bullet journal! Click here for the PDF of the worksheet I used during CBT .


Penultimately I have my Kayleigh Bullet Journal page, which is again new, and is because I would like to get into regular posting! Basically, this is a calendar where I’ve written/I will write my blog schedule, what I want to post on Instagram that day, and my current Instagram challenge, which this month I am doing #happyletteringchallenge. Hopefully this will help to me regularly post on both Instagram and on this blog. As you can see – this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but what can you do!


Finally, I have several pages dedicated to a Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone readalong that I am doing on facebook. I will be reading the illustrated edition which I got for Christmas. These pages have a space for each chapter for me to make notes, put discussions or quotes, or write down pages that I really love the illustrations of, and then I’ve just decorated them with footprints to attempt to look like the Marauder’s Map. I’m pretty pleased with these pages. I have only included the first page because the rest are similar so I didn’t want to overload with pictures!!


And that is it! A bit more than last month, but hopefully it will be completely manageable. I’ll let you know at the end of February or the beginning of March! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and it’s given you some ideas for your own bullet journal! Hit me up below if you have any questions!

Thanks for reading, keep smiling, keep planning. Until next time, bye!





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