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Daily pages (or rapid logging) – the bread and butter of my bullet journal

Whilst I have now had a few posts about bullet journaling. I haven’t actually mentioned one of the most integral parts – the daily logs (or pages). For me, these are not only the most helpful part of my bullet journal, but they also take up the bulk of it. Again, if you haven’t checked out the creator’s (Ryder Carrol) video on the bullet journal, I urge you to do so. You can watch it here, also if you want to know more about bullet journalling check out my blog post on the basics.

So, what are daily pages, and how do I use them? Daily pages are basically whatever you want them to be, they are there for planning, journaling, recording, tracking – anything you want. For me, they are mainly planning and to do lists, with the occasional bit of journaling added in there (especially when I’m away or on holiday!) Other people use them primarily to journal, or to track things like water intake, moods, the weather, and a whole host of other things. 

Each night, before I go to bed, I begin my daily page for the following day. I begin by writing the day and date, then I check out my monthly spread and see if I have any birthdays, events, appointments, deadlines or to dos. I write these in my daily with the appropriate signifier. My signifiers are a present for birthdays, a circle for events, a triangle for appointments, a clock for deadlines, and a dot for to dos. Once I have those down, I look at the previous day, and add any tasks that I didn’t complete the previous day, I have a think about other things I have on, or want to achieve and add those in too. I try and keep these lists super achievable and realistic, whilst pushing myself to get as much done as possible. What I tend to do, is write one or two things more than what I believe I can manage, so it’s an achievement if I get everything done, but if I don’t have too many unfinished tasks left to demotivate me.

Then during the next day, I add new tasks as they arise, and constantly refer to my journal for what I should be doing, or what I need to get done. Then in the evening, I add a little bit of journaling either in bullet points with a dash as the signifier, or just in a colour in cursive writing so it looks super different.

Other things I have included in my daily pages, but currently do not:

  • Lettering challenges (I now use a dedicated notebook for this)
  • The weather including high and low temperature for the day.
  • Water intake (I now use an app called plant nanny where I grow plants for drinking water)
  • Number of steps (I’ve lost my pedometer!!)
  • The best part of the day
  • Something I’m looking forward to

My daily pages vary hugely in length, from a few lines, to a page depending on the day, and what I happen to be including in them at that point. Below there is a host of different daily pages I have done. I hope these give you some inspiration!


Thanks for reading, keep smiling, keep planning. Until next time, bye!




I'm a bullet journal junkie.

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