Hello, and welcome to Kayleigh bullet journals. I’m Kayleigh*, and I really hope you enjoy being here and reading my blog.

I have decided to start this blog for several reasons. The first is because I have wanted to for a while – I want to share my experiences, in the hope that they can one day help other people. The second is because I really love bullet journaling and I want to share my ideas and my inperfectly perfect bullet journal with the world. The aim of this is to write about my life, and my bullet journal, and anything else I happen to want to share (e.g. book reviews, recipes).


*My name isn’t actually Kayleigh but I’m (hopefully) going to be a doctor, I have a unique name, and this is on the internet. So I have changed, and will continue to change all the names I use. If you’re interested, I used the website behindthename.com to randomly generate all the names.