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My thoughts on CBT (I)

I started this post, and it was intended to just be one post, but as I wrote, I realised that it was going to be a little endless if I did that, so instead I thought I would make it a series. I intend to get this series out in the not too distant future, in the next couple of months as an absolute maximum! But without further ado, let us drive right in.

I mentioned very briefly in my last post that I had recently finished CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). I thought that this would be a good opportunity to talk a little about the things I did with my therapist, and the things that I found most useful. Obviously I wont be sharing *too* many personal details because well, they are super personal, but I will share some examples, and helpfully lots of the worksheets my therapists use are available online, so I can share those with you too!

This is obviously not meant to replace any therapy in any way, or to be used remotely for therapy, but it may have little tricks or tips that might help some people. Or you might just find it interesting to know how I found therapy and what I found helpful. Continue reading “My thoughts on CBT (I)”

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17 before 2017

17 before 2017 is an idea I got from Kara over at Boho Berry (, she did a 16 before 2016 in 2015, so in October 2016, I decided to try out a 17 before 2017. Now if you have been researching bullet journaling, I’m sure you have heard of Kara, she is the bullet journal queen. Lots of people, including me get a huge amount of inspiration from her. If you haven’t already, go and check her out.

Anyway, 17 before ’17 is basically a method of trying to finish off the year really strongly. Lots of people start the year with resolutions, goals, and aims, but by the end of the year are just attempting to get through the rest of the year. Actually, at this point, there is so much potential left. So, what you do is make a list of 17 things that you want to achieve in the remainder of the year to try and keep their goals in mind. Alternatively, you could do a list of things before your next birthday. I turn 23 in April, so I could do ‘23 things before 23’, though people more commonly do this for milestone birthdays, but it wouldn’t need to be. You could even completely mix it up and just make up your own list by your own random date. Continue reading “17 before 2017”